Outings 2022


Due to Coronavirus Covid-19 Health Restrictions, our outings were limited according to the advise at the appropriate time.

February 2022Visit to Eco-Museum (Madré)February 2022 – Visit to Eco-Museum
March 2022Visit to Slate Museum (Renazé)March 2022 – Slate Museum
April 2022Visit to Wildlife Park (Le Bouillon)April 2022 – Visit to Wildlife Park
May 2022Visit to Historic VitréMay 2022 – Visit to Vitré
June 2022Plant Swap & BBQJune 2022 – Plant Swap & BBQ
June 2022 (2)Mont-Saint-Michel Guided WalkJune 2022 – Mont-St-Michel
July 2022Ten Pin Bowling, LavalJuly 2022 – Ten Pin Bowling

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