Q. I live in Bagnoles de l’Orne, so could easily drive to lots of the interesting events that you run. Can I still join, or do you have to actually live within the Mayenne department?

A. We like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who wants to come to our events, so if you are prepared to travel “over the border” into our department, we’d be delighted to see you.


 Q. We have a holiday home in the Mayenne, and spend about 4 months a year in it. We would like to meet some of the locals, but can we still become members, and is there a cheaper rate for “part timers”?

A. EuroMayenne provides the ideal way to meet people, either the local French if you would like to integrate, or other English if you don’t yet feel comfortable speaking French. But regret there is no reduction in the annual €25 subscription, as it would be too difficult to administer.


Q. Where can we find a reliable firm to do some work on our roof?

A. We cannot answer this type of question as you probably will like, but when looking for a good proper roof installation there are certain aspects to take into consideration such as the quality of the materials, to amend the weather conditions, also by hiring experienced roofing contractors you will ensure that the project will last for a long time and the repairs and maintenance  will be minimum.


Q, We would like to go to the event you are holding in August, but we shall have visitors staying. Can we bring them along?

A. You should contact the organiser and ask them. Certain events are “the more the merrier” and your guests will be welcome; with others, numbers can be limited (for example if in a private home), and priority would obviously be given to EuroMayenne members.

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