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EuroMayenne Fair – Latest Information

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your participation in the EuroMayenne Fair, as organisers, volunteers, exhibitors or visitors.

Since our first event in 1995, we have come a long way. Our volunteers together with the Exhibitors have created an unmissable fair in Mayenne, encouraging more and more of the public to attend.

Unfortunately, the Exhibition Hall generously provided by the Mairie de Mayenne will sadly not be available due to its destruction by fire which occurred last 11th November 2019.

Our Fair Committee and Executive Committee have decided it is time to rethink the whole event

The aim of this Fair was to demonstrate to the public the added value of EuroMayenne members whilst promoting local skills and crafts.

With increased pressures on our members over time, we need to reflect upon this activity at the heart of our association and to consider the possibility of pursuing such an event.

We look forward to your ideas, reflections, suggestions, which will be discussed at a meeting (date to be confirmed), to which all our members will be invited.

Nicole Devel-Laigle
Association EuroMayenne

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