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Stephen Bostock –

We are pleased to announce that Stephen Bostock has kindly agreed to accept the role of organiser for this group and we wish him the very best in its development.

NEXT MEETING – 30th September 2022

The Gardening Group will restart with a first meeting of the year at 2.30 pm on Friday 30th September at the home of the new organisers, Stephen and Julia Bostock, in the hamlet of La Dieuloire, south of Bagnoles de l’Orne Normandie, just over the departmental border in Orne. The topic will be “Gardening for Biodiversity”. Please email Stephen by clicking the link below for further information and directions, or just to express an interest in attending future meetings of the Gardening Group.

Please let Stephen know as soon as possible if you would like to attend by
telephoning or click here to send an email

* * Numbers are limited * *

There is no charge for the meeting but donations are invited for refreshments

Plans for the Year

All dates are subject to current Government and Local Authority restrictions regarding
Coronavirus Covid-19 and subject to change or cancellation.

2022 – Dates and topics (to be confirmed)

 30 September 2022 Gardening for Biodiversity

2023 – Dates and topics (to be confirmed)



Details of Open Garden Days for your diary to follow when available

Full details are on the scheme’s website

There is a small cost for the charity – normally €5


If anyone is interested, BBC Gardeners World has a good website;  and the Gardeners’ World magazine gives free access to a “What to do now” section. This is a week by week breakdown of things to do for fruit, flowers, veg, in the greenhouse and in the garden in general. There is also a “How to …” section. For gardening equipment you might want to check this Buyers Guide, which not only shows you the best possible tools for your garden but also some very helpful tips!


Looking back

The inaugural get together took place on 19th April 2012 when 30 members gathered at David and Maryke Stansfield’s home, to chat about what the group might do.

Click previous meetings to see what the gardening group has been up to.

Gardening Group Contact:

Stephen Bostock  –

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