School Interventions


At the request of the teachers, EUROMAYENNE arranges for English volunteers who are resident in the Mayenne to spend some time in their  schools. This is to enable their young French pupils to get involved in relaxed and informal discussions in English, with native speakers.

Since the Association was founded, EUROMAYENNE has regularly co-operated with such schools as:

  • in Mayenne : Ensemble scolaire Don Bosco and Lycée Rochefeuille
  • in Laval: l’Immaculée Conception, Haute-Follis, la Miséricorde, Avesnières and Lycée Henri Rousseau
  • in Vitré: l’Institution Jeanne d’Arc

We have found that the pupils who benefit most from these sessions are those in their final years (première and terminale) in “lycées”. They have been studying English long enough to have sufficient confidence to contribute to class discussions.

Topics are chosen beforehand by the teachers and deal with subjects such as English customs, festivals, education, teenagers, work. The similarities or differences between England and France can provide an education for both sides! (The English helpers do not have to deal with any specific items on the school curriculum).

Normally there are between four and ten English, who work in pairs, chatting with a group of pupils for about 40 minutes; then the school bell rings and the classes rotate and after 3 or 4 hours all the pupils will have seen all the visiting English.

Although this is unpaid help, travelling expenses are often reimbursed and depending on the timing of the lessons lunch may be provided too. The school may also make a donation to EuroMayenne, or if the Association makes use of any of the school’s facilities this is a nice way to repay them.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Simon KING,; for any further information.

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