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EuroMayenne Reading Group

We share a love of books !

WEDNESDAY 26 June 2024 at 2:30pm

Venue: at a EuroMayenne Member’s house
in Evron (Contact Pam Davies, details below)

This EuroMayenne group is for members to get together each month to discuss a book that they have all just read.

It will encourage you to read more books and books that you might not normally choose.

The reasons that people give for joining a reading group include reading a wide variety of books, making friends, having fun, meeting like-minded people and stimulating the brain cells!

So please come and join us for our fourth year in this venture.


All dates are subject to current Government and Local Authority restrictions regarding Coronavirus Covid-19 and subject to change or cancellation.



Monthly on the last Wednesday at 2.30 pm.

Please let Pam know (contact details at the bottom of this page) at least one week in advance if  you will be going.

So, make notes in your diary for

Book titles – see table below. 

These are to be across a wide range of genres including general fiction, mysteries, historical fiction and non-fiction. They are always available in English and French versions. They allow for discussion between both English and French speakers.

Future books to read are decided by the group members.


September 27Fall of GiantsKen FollettThe first in Ken Follett’s breathtaking Century Trilogy, Fall of Giants is a captivating novel that follows five families through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for votes for women.
October 25The Day of the TriffidsJohn WyndhamWhen a freak cosmic event renders most of the Earth’s population blind, Bill Masen is one of the lucky few to retain his sight. The London he walks is crammed with groups of men and women needing help, some ready to prey on those who can still see. But another menace stalks blind and sighted alike. With nobody to stop their spread the Triffids, mobile plants with lethal stingers and carnivorous appetites, seem set to take control.
November 29The White TigerAravind AdigaMeet Balram Halwai, the ‘White Tiger’: servant, philosopher, entrepreneur… murderer. Balram was born in a backwater village on the River Ganges, the son of a rickshaw-puller. He works in a teashop, crushing coal and wiping tables, but nurses a dream of escape. When he learns that a rich village landlord needs a chauffeur, he takes his opportunity, and is soon on his way to Delhi at the wheel of a Honda. 
December   (no meeting)


January 31The PostcardAnn BerestJanuary 2003. The Berest family receive a mysterious, unsigned postcard. On one side was an image of the Opéra Garnier; on the other, the names of their relatives who were killed in Auschwitz: Ephraïm, Emma, Noémie and Jacques. Years later, Anne sought to find the truth behind this postcard. She journeys 100 years into the past, tracing the lives of her ancestors. 
February 283 Days and a LifePierre LeMaitreAntoine is twelve years old. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in Beauval, a small, backwater town surrounded by forests, where everyone knows everyone’s business, and nothing much ever happens. But in the last days of 1999, a series of events unfolds, culminating in the shocking vanishing without trace of a young child.
March 27The LoverMarguerite Duras‘The Lover’ is an unforgettable portrayal of the incandescent relationship between two lovers, and of the hate that slowly tears the girl’s family apart. Saigon, 1930s: a poor young French girl meets the elegant son of a wealthy Chinese family. Soon they are lovers, locked into a private world of passion and intensity that defies all the conventions of their society.
April 24The Dictionary of Lost WordsPip WilliamsMotherless and irrepressibly curious, Esme spends her childhood at her father’s feet as he and his team gather words for the very first Oxford English Dictionary.
One day, she sees a slip of paper containing a forgotten word flutter to the floor unclaimed.
And so Esme begins to collect words for another dictionary in secret: The Dictionary of Lost Words.
May 29The Brodech ReportPhilippe ClaudelFrom his village in post-war France, Brodech makes his solitary journeys into the mountains to collect data on the natural environment. Day by day he also reconstructs his own life, all but lost in the years he spent in a camp during the war. No-one had expected to see him again. One day, a flamboyant stranger rides into the village, upsetting the fragile balance of everyday life.
June 26The Summer BookTove JanssonAn elderly artist and her six-year-old grand-daughter while away a summer together on a tiny island in the gulf of Finland. As the two learn to adjust to each other’s fears, whims and yearnings, a fierce yet understated love emerges – one that encompasses not only the summer inhabitants but the very island itself.


At the home of a member in Evron

Contact Pam Davies for details (see below)



There will be no cost other than the member purchasing/downloading the book of the month.

Refreshments (tea/coffee/cakes) will always be available – all that is asked is for a small donation.

Interested ?

Contact the reading group:

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