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General information about living in the Mayenne

In English

  • French Entrée – a magazine covering the Pays de la Loire
  • Angloinfo – the local version of  the world wide expat website.
  • Lost in France – covers the whole country, but the Mayenne is highlighted here
  • How to be French – a podcast by “Good Life France” about French ways

In French

Living in France

 Become a Host Family

Become a Host Family to French children looking for English language immersion. For more information please click on one of the two links below.

For more information in hosting :

To find a host family :




EuroMayenne members offering services

Art & FramesPierre LAFRANCE
Advice for Art & Frames

Conservation / Restoration service – Antique to present day.
Courses specific to requirements
Reptile RemovalPierre LAFRANCE
Removal of unwanted snakes / lizards to deep countryside
HypnosisProfessor Ursula JAMES
Podcasts containing short and effective hypnotherapy sessions. The subjects range from better sleep and controlling anxiety to motivation and building confidence
PsychologistBethany BLYTHIN
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sexologist.
Specializing in attachment theory (abandonment wounds, parental guidance, couple therapy, family therapy), trauma, dissociation and high IQ and giftedness..
In person or online. For all ages, and all issues!

click here to send an email
click here for an appointment

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Fun [ones with an * need the sound to be turned on ]

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