French Lessons



One of the principal aims of the Association is to help those moving to France to settle in

And what better way is there, than to learn the language?

You will learn French in small weekly classes at very attractive prices, and will soon feel much more comfortable with the language you hear around you every day.

Three levels –

  • “Beginners” –  A1 on the CEFR scale* – for those with no knowledge of French at all
  • Improvers” –  A2 on the CEFR scale* – if you are still a beginner but do in fact know a few words
  • “Intermediate” –  B1 on the CEFR scale* – for those with some knowledge of the language

If you are not sure which class would suit you, Tom will be able to guide you when you speak to him about joining the course. (Tom is the coordinator of the French lessons, and his contact details are below.)

Your teacher Alain may suggest you move up or down a level after the first one or two lessons, once he has had a chance to assess your language skills.

  • Half a term is the minimum enrolment period.
  • The weekly two hour lessons are held over three terms, as per the local schools.
  • Reading, writing and conversation are all covered.
  • You can join at any time during the year subject to there being a space available.
  • The teacher, Alain, is a French native, qualified to teach the language and is very experienced.

*CEFR scale is Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Click here for details.

You will be made most welcome.



Courses are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Level A1      Thursday mornings, from 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Level A2      Tuesday mornings, from 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Level B1      Thursday  afternoons,  from 2:00 to 4:00

Level A1 – “Beginners” on Thursday mornings

Level B1 – “Intermediate” on Thursday afternoons

Autumn Term 2016

First Half:      September 8   15  22   29           October 6    13                  [6 classes]
[school holiday 19 October to 2 November]
Second Half:     November 3  10   17   24           December 1   8   15        [7 classes]

 Spring Term 2017

First Half:      January  5   12   19    26            February  2   9                      [6 classes]
[half term break ]
Second Half:    March 2   9   16   23   30            April 6                               [6 classes]

 Summer Term 2017

April 27           May 4  11  18            June 1   8   15   22    29                       [9 classes]


Level A2 – “Improvers” on Tuesday mornings

AutumnTerm 2016

First Half:     September 6    13   20    27               October 4   11   18        [7 classes]

[school holiday 19 October to 2 November]

Second Half:     November 8   15   22    29              December 6   13         [6 classes]


Spring Term 2017

First Half:     January  3  10  17   24    31     February  7                              [6 classes]
[half term break ]
Second Half:   February  28          March 7  14  21  28    April 4                 [6 classes]

Summer Term 2017

April 25        May 2  9  16  23   30       June 6  13  20  27                            [10 classes]


Check the Calendar in the  Information section in case there have been any changes.



at Ancienne Mairie, Place de Hercé, MAYENNE

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The cost

The cost is just €5 per hour.  

Payment is to be made in advance of each term.

To help you spread the cost, you can send two cheques for the two half terms; the first will be cashed straight away and the second will be held until the half-term break. Or if you prefer, send one cheque for the whole term.

Term Levels A1 & B1 on Thursdays Level A2 on Tuesdays
Autumn 2016
1st half €60 €70
2nd half €70 €60
Spring 2017
1st half €60 €60
2nd half €60 €60
Summer 2017
April + May €40 €60
June €50 €40

What to bring to each lesson 

Notebook, pen and a French-English dictionary if you have one.  Study material will be provided.


How to enrol

Step 1: contact Tom King to check that there is room on the course you wish to follow. Numbers are limited in order to keep class sizes small so this step is essential.

Step 2: these lessons are exclusively for members of the association, so if you have not already joined EuroMayenne, please fill in a membership form* and write a cheque for the appropriate amount.

Step 3: Print off and fill in an enrolment form.

* For the membership and enrolment forms just click

here for Autumn term 2016

here for Spring term 2017

here for Summer Term 2017


Step 4: Send your membership form if you have not yet paid your 2016-2017 fee, with  your cheque, payable to EuroMayenne, to:

Mme Roselyne SPEYER,

Le Petit Livray,

53500 ERNÉE


And send your enrolment form for French lessons, with your cheque(-s), payable to EuroMayenne, to:

Mr Tom King

La Blanchardière



Step 5: Enjoy your first lesson !

Contacts & Questions

About the course:

please contact Tom King       02 43 04 66 85


About payment/membership:

please contact Roselyne Speyer   02 43 05 75 07