September 2017 – Car boot sale





Sunday  10 September  2017


Time to clear away some of your belongings?

Fill up your car, bring it all along, and turn it into cash!

Looking for some real bargains?

Need something not easy to find in the shops? Just enjoy browsing?


Whether a buyer or a seller, you will have a great afternoon !


from 11:00  Set up stalls – Sellers must be 2017-2018 EuroMayenne members*.

13:00  Picnic (for all EuroMayenne members, whether stall holders or not). Bring your own food and utensils; drinks will be provided.

2:00    Open to the general public

6:00    Finish



  • STALLS are FREE. (Repeat: Sellers must be 2017-2018 EuroMayenne members*.)

  • Entrance is €2 per person to cover the cost of drinks provided during the picnic, payable on arrival.
  • Entrance is free for those coming after 2pm just for the sale.

*If by September 10 you have not joined/renewed your membership, please click here for a 2017-2018 membership form. 

Print it, fill it in and bring it with you with your cheque (payable to EuroMayenne) for the appropriate fee.



Les Chateliers, route d’Alençon, Mayenne

Booking (seller or picnicker)

Please let Lynn know at least 7 days in advance, by Sunday 3 September, by phone or email, if you will be coming as a seller, or to the picnic, or both.

She will be able to answer any questions you might have.


Lynn CHESTERS        02 43 02 57 71 

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