Monthly teas in Craon



Temporarily suspended
while a new tea maker is found!

Kate Cooke and her helpers want to hand over to somebody else now, having done it for a number of years.

If you’d like to become involved, please contact

Nicole Devel-Laigle – – 06 73 71 96 52


These teas are open to all; members and non-members* alike.

With so many of the Euromayenne Association activities taking place in the north of the department, a small but growing number of those who live in the south started having monthly afternoon teas nearer home. It provides the ideal opportunity for a get together for a chat over a nice English cup of tea (or coffee!) and biscuits, and a chance to extend your circle of friends beyond the immediate area in which you live.

And for non-members it is where they can easily learn more about the Euromayenne Association.

The number attending is usually between 10 and 20, mostly English with a good scattering of fluent French speakers amongst us. The French members that come like to practise their English and encourage the English members with their French. It is a completely informal affair.

In addition!

  • We have an English books exchange during the teas, all free of charge.

  • these Saturday teas escalated! There was a ladies group which met once a month on a Wednesday for lunch, followed by some activity such as a walk or doing some craft work in the Salle Pantigny. This was open only to EuroMayenne lady members, sorry you men!  BUT…. this group has also stopped for the time being whilst a new organiser is being sought.

The Cost is just €0.50 to pay for the tea and biscuits, and a box is displayed for payment on the day.


The teas are held at 3 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month.

Check the “What’s On – ” in the  Information  section for confirmation of the dates.

We start pouring the tea at 3.00pm, and we are all packed up and ready to leave the hall at 5:00pm.



In Craon in the Salle Pantigny, just behind the mairie

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Parking is not usually any problem.
A quick call to whoever is the new organiser (so phone number awaited!) to let them know you are coming would be helpful, but not essential;  you will be very welcome anyway.


If you need any further information, please contact :

Nicole Devel-Laigle – – 06 73 71 96 52



 *Non-members will be invited to join EuroMayenne if they would like to continue coming after their first free visit.
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