April 2016 – Horse Races


Come and join us at

The Laval Racecourse

on Saturday 2 April

Horse races April 2016 photo


Suggest you arrive about 4:30 to orientate yourself if this is your first visit.

First race starts at 5 p.m. and subsequent races are at approximately 30 minute intervals.

Expect 8 races, so finish about 9 p.m.



There is plenty of free parking.

Meet upstairs in the main building. It is a large area with the betting booths along the back and a big glass wall along the front giving access down to the seats in the stand.


Admission is €2 per person. Pay at the entrance gate.

A bet if you want to place one is a minimum of €2.


Food & Drink

There is a wide range on offer, from light snacks from mobile vendors,  a seated covered area where you can have a starter/main/dessert all for €14, with a bottle of wine at €9; to gourmet dining with a prime view over the racecourse at prices to match, or you are free to bring your own food.

If you would like the €14 deal, please advise (see below) and the appropriate number of tables can be reserved for the EuroMayenne party.


More details (in French) on the racecourse website.

Reservations and Questions

No form to fill in and no money to send.

However, so that we know how many are going to attend and how many places to book for a meal, please let Liz know by Monday 14 March .

Liz Mallinson    02 43 98 60 30    mallinsoncande@gmail.com

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