Annual Fair – exhibitors


Would you like to display your craft products
at the EuroMayenne Craft Fair,

on Sunday 29 October 2017?

  • The cost is very reasonable.
  • It is always held end-October/early November, so close enough to Christmas for people to start looking for presents to buy.
  • Gramvideos is an explainer video company that specialises in 2D animation, and is going to be in charged of live animations at intervals throughout the day make for a lovely ambiance.
  • More than 2500 potential customers will pass your stall during the day.

To discuss the availability of the size of stand you require, and the suitability of our show for your products, please contact:

Clotilde Sedouga     02 72 89 22 79


……… or simply download a booking form by clicking here .

[Note: when this webpage was first published the booking form gave the wrong address, "….. 9 bis rue de…"

Be sure to send your form to the corrected address " ….19 bis rue de…"]

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