March 2013 – Robert Tatin museum


A visit to the Robert Tatin Museum

in Cossé le Vivien

on Saturday 23 March 2013

A group of 21 members enjoyed a super €18 lunch at L’Etoile restaurant in Cossé le Vivien, consisting of Kir, salmon pâté and Filo Pastry, Lotte in a cream sauce (with white wine),pork and vegetables (with red wine), and for dessert a  delicious chocolate mousse with cherry sauce. And coffee.

(See the restaurant  website here).


After lunch, another 6 members joined the group at the museum for a  guided tour in English.
A very enjoyable day, especially as the sun was shining and the temperature was most agreeable.
(To see the museum website Click here).
Many thanks
  • to  Lynn Chesters and Josette Mahoué for organising this day out.
  • and to Clare Guyer who had made a delicious chocolate cake which she distributed in the car park to take home, celebrating her and Mick Cruse’s birthdays.

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