January 2016 – Quiz Night


It’s the Annual


Organised by last year’s winners Robert Campbell & Olivier Nicoleau.

 Question 1: When is it?

Answer: Friday 8 January 2016, starting at 7:30


Question 2: Where is it?

Answer: Maison de Quartier des Fourches,1 Place Pasteur, 53000 Laval.

So where’s that then?

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Question 3: How much does it cost?

Answer: €3 per person to cover the cost of drinks and the prizes.

Please pay in cash on the night.   Sorry, no cheques. (Correct change appreciated !)


Question 4Will there be anything to eat?

Answer: Absolutely! It is a “Bring & Share” event, so you should bring along something either savoury or sweet to contribute to the table, then we all tuck in. Also you will need to bring along your own plate, glass and cutlery. Also please mark your name on any dishes you bring.


Question 5Are the questions going to be in English or in French?

Answer: Everything will be in both languages, and the questions are so skillfully designed that neither nationality will have an advantage over the other.


Question 6: Do I need to bring a pen or pencil?

Answer: Yes! …if you want to join in!!


Question 7Can we just turn up on the night?

Answer: It really it would be best if you let the organisers know by Monday 4 January for planning the numbers please. See Q8.


Question 8: How can I reserve a place?


Please email  Robert Campbell at robert@rpjcampbell.com 

or phone him on 02 43 64 37 48  

Robert can answer any questions about the evening for you too.

See you there!

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