2016-2017 by month


Click here to see the outings organised by EuroMayenne for each month during the period

September 2016 to August 2017

  • remember to check the monthly “What’s On” calendar and the page devoted to the current month’s outing, in case there have been any changes to the details of what is planned.
  • please contact the organiser of any event you would like to attend for any further information.
  • let the organiser know at least a week in advance of the event that you will be going to, for them to plan final numbers; and send them a cheque (payable to EuroMayenne) if that is required.

For any general enquiries, your contact is:

Lynn CHESTERS  lynn.chesters@wanadoo.fr


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EuroMayenne reserves the right to cancel or change any activity or outing, or
details and prices, for whatever reason.
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