2018 AGM to be held on Saturday 6th October


The AGM was held on Saturday 23 September 2107 at La Visitation in Mayenne, at 10:00 and was followed at 12:30 by a free buffet for current 2017-18 members.


AGM on 24 September 2016

The 2016 AGM was held in the refectory in La Visitation in Mayenne at 10:00 am

and followed by a complimentary lunch.




The AGM on Saturday 26 September 2015 was  held in the Refectory, La Visitation, Mayenne.


The AGM on Saturday 27 September 2014 was held in the Espace Grimaldi, Place des Halles, Mayenne.

For the first time the AGM was held before the lunch rather than after it.









Followed by a free buffet lunch for all who attended the meeting.