2019-2020 At a Glance


Planned EuroMayenne Monthly Activities

♦ Subject to change.

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♦ Full final details of each activity will be published at least one month in advance.



  Day / Date

            Activity                Organiser    

2 0 1 9


Saturday 28th

Guided Visit of Rennes Old Town

Nicole Devel-Laigle


Saturday 5th

Friday 18th

Sunday 27th

EuroMayenne AGM

Vaubernier Cheese Factory

EuroMayenne Craft Fair

Lynn Chesters

Lynn Chesters



Friday 8th

Friday 29th

Visit to "Sech" Waste Treatment Site

EuroMayenne Annual Dinner

Valérie Masserot

Pam Davies


Friday 13th

Christmas Carol Evening

Lynn Chesters

2 0 2 0

Thursday 9th

Saturday 25th

Galette des Rois, La Visitation

Visit to Toiles de Mayenne Factory

Paul & Eileen Climance

Armelle Jamelot


Saturday 29th

 Date Change to 

Friday 28th

Visit to Watchmaking Workshop/Museum

Pam Davies

Lynn Chesters


Friday 27th

Quiz Evening

Nicole Devel-Laigle


Saturday 25th

Coach Trip & Visit to Chartes Cathedral

Guided Visit to Historic Vitré

Pam Davies


Sunday 24th

Plant Swap & BBQ

Lynn Chesters


Saturday 13th

date to be confirmed

Riverboat Cruise & Lunch

Visit to Château Vendeuvre

Nicole Devel-Laigle

Fred & Janet Greatorex


Friday 3rd

Stroll in Forest & BBQ

Lynn Chesters


No outing planned


Contact details of the organisers

Name Phone email
CHESTERS Lynn 02 43 02 57 71 contact@euromayenne.org
CLIMANCE Eileen & Paul 02 43 00 63 85 president@euromayenne.org
DAVIES Pam 02 43 00 87 17 contact@euromayenne.org
DEVEL-LAIGLE Nicole 06 73 71 96 52 president@euromayenne.org
MASSEROT Valérie 02 43 26 05 31  
JAMELOT Armelle 02 43 53 86 70  
GREATOREX Janet & Fred 02 43 02 92 38  



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