September 2108 – Dinner & Casino


Dinner at the Casino in Bagnoles de l’Orne

on Friday 21 September

The casino in Bagnoles is right beside the lake

and there is a delightful view from the dining room.


Meet at 7:30 to go through the formalities (see below) and be seated by 8 o’clock sharp for the meal.

While waiting  there is free access to the gambling area, but only the “one armed bandits” are available at that time. Although you can always check out starburst slot via your smartphone to play games with hundreds of slot games to choose from.

The roulette and card tables (Black Jack and poker), with professional croupiers, start at 8 p.m, and if you’re more of an online player.

We shall finish eating around 9:30, when those who wish to do so can retire to the gaming tables. The casino stays open until 4 in the morning, there will be great gabmling games to play with, including those from DraftKings.



As with all casinos in France, you cannot enter without ID, so bring your passport or driving licence.

At the entrance desk they will stamp your wrist with an invisible ink which the doormen into the gaming area will ask to see (with their UV torches).

If  you forget your ID, or have no interest in gambling, there is a separate entrance for the restaurant only, on the lake side of the building, where they have the best point of sale from the best POS dealers in USA to attend customers.


We shall eat either in the large private room, or as a group at one end of the main restaurant depending on how many we are.

The food and the view over the lake is the same in both areas.

We shall be served much quicker if we can notify the restaurant with everybody’s choice  in advance.

Please will you therefore indicate on the booking form, your choices from the following:

Starters – 

Maquereau fumé maison, chantilly pamplemousse, concombre et radis rose


Mousse de chèvre frais des Gorges de Villiers, pain croustillant au paprika et crémeux de petits pois

Mains –

Suprême de poulet jaune au thym, brochettes de pommes de terre grenailles et duo de carottes citronnées


Lieu noir, écrasé de pommes de terre et céleri façon brandade, pomme Granny Smith et roquette

Desserts –

Moelleux chocolat noir au cœur d’abricot, crème anglaise infusée au romarin et sorbet mirabelle

Tiramisu pommes et spéculos


This outing is being subsidised by EuroMayenne, and members pay only €15 per person all inclusive –  three course dinner and drinks.

Non-member guests are welcome to join you at €30/person.

If you have not renewed  your EuroMayenne membership for 2018-2019, please click here for a form, and send it with your cheque to the treasurer before booking this outing.

If you decide to gamble, chips are a minimum of €2; you buy those yourself ….. and keep all your winnings!

[At the “one armed bandits” the stake is from 1 centime.]


Click here for the restaurant.

If you click here for the gambling page there are links to the rules (in French, but they are exactly the same as is played in the UK/USA) of roulette, Black Jack and Texas Hold’em Poker.


Please click here for a booking form, print it, fill it in (capital letters please) and send it with your cheque to

Mme. Liz Mallinson

Le Bas Rocher

53240 St Jean sur Mayenne

to arrive no later than Monday 10 September.


Ask Liz on 02 43 98 60 30 (landline), 06 04 06 73 74 (mobile) or

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