Please contact

Janet & Fred Greatorex  –  02 43 02 92 38



VENUE – Malcolm Casson's House

TIME – 11:00 hrs

SUBJECT Harvest Lunch and Quiz


Malcolm is organising a buffet lunch together with quiz.  The buffet is a bring and share and it is hoped you will be able to bring self-grown produce, if possible.

Please arrive after 11:00 hrs – the quiz is expected to start at noon.

Please also bring your own plate and cutlery – mugs and glasses will be supplied.

Malcolm's address is – Les Petits Villiers, 53220 Larchamp



Please let Janet & Fred know as soon as possible if you would like to attend by
telephoning or click here to send an email

* * Numbers are limited * *

There is no charge for the evening but donations are invited for refreshments



Plans for the Year:

2019 – Topics to be confirmed

27 September Visit to De La Terre Farm Lignieres-Orgneres
October To Be Advised  
15 November Harvest Lunch / Quiz Malcolm's house

2020 – Topics to be confirmed

20 March    
23 April    
June Date To Be Advised                





Details of Open Garden Days for your diary to follow when available

Full details are on the scheme's website

There is a small cost for the charity – normally €5




We are continuing to use Premier Seeds Direct and they are maintaining a price of 75p per (normal sized) packet (plus a very small amount towards postage).

All orders must come through Janet & Fred to qualify for this reduced price.

Choose your seeds from then send your selection to Fred & Janet.


If anyone is interested, BBC Gardeners World has a good website;  and the Gardeners' World magazine gives free access to a “What to do now” section. This is a week by week breakdown of things to do for fruit, flowers, veg, in the greenhouse and in the garden in general. There is also a “How to …” section.


Looking back

The inaugural get together took place on 19th April 2012 when 30 members gathered at David and Maryke’s home, to chat about what the group might do.

Click previous meetings to see what the gardening group has been up to.


Gardening Group Contact:

Janet & Fred Greatorex  –  02 43 02 92 38

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