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Next meetings

November, December and January

No events planned during the winter although seed orders will be collected and sent in January. See below.


February 2018

Friday 9 : Espace Grimaldi in Mayenne.  "Salsa Time"

Malcolm will give a talk about growing salsa ingredients and then we will have a lunch including the salsa which we make.


March 2018

Friday 30 : Peter Kidd will repeat his Butterfly talk (by popular request) and Fred will talk about good and bad insects in the garden.


April 2018

Friday 27 : Guest speak David Marsh – topic to be confirmed


June 2018

Date to be confirmed :  Visit to garden of David Marsh



We are continuing to use Premier Seeds Direct and they are maintaining a price of 75p per (normal sized) packet (plus a very small amount towards postage).

All orders must come through Janet & Fred to qualify for this reduced price;  a first order will be placed in early January.

Choose your seeds from then send your selection to Fred & Janet at



If anyone is interested, BBC Gardeners World has a good website;  and the Gardeners' World magazine gives free access to a “What to do now” section. This is a week by week breakdown of things to do for fruit, flowers, veg, in the greenhouse and in the garden in general. There is also a “How to …” section.


Looking back

The inaugural get together took place on 19th April 2012 when 30 members gathered at David and Maryke’s home, to chat about what the club might do.

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Gardening Group Contact:

Janet & Fred Greatorex   02 43 02 92 38