Next meetings

Wednesday 7 June

Come and let Clare show you how to make crumpets, Welsh cakes and drop scones.

At 10 a.m. at Clare’s home: 3 rue des Glycines, Marcillé la Ville.

Please let Clare know by Friday 2 June if you will be attending

Contact: Clare Guyer   02 43 00 63 74


Short reports of previous sessions can be seen by clicking here


The EuroMayenne cookery group –

We share a love of cooking !

There are usually 10 to 20 of us who get together each month for something to do with food, with a good mix of English and French speakers. Sometimes we meet in a member’s house to watch a demonstration of a favourite dish being prepared; recently we have tackled

  • Chinese dishes,
  • how to bone a chicken,
  • making Indian curry,
  • a tasty recipe for poaching a whole fish,
  • selecting a wine to accompany various cheeses.
  • preparation of fruits de mer and chosing the Muscadet to go with it.
  • making fresh pasta and sauces and comparing Côtes du Rhone
  • baking choux pastry and tasting Alsace wines
  • cooking with yeast
  • Japanese cooking
  • making and decorating cup cakes
  • Couscous & Baklava
  • coffee
  • paella and churros

Then other times we visit somewhere of interest (often in French, but one of us will translate if necessary). Lately we have been to:

  • a chocolate factory
  • a sheep farm with cheese making
  • a demonstration of hors d’oeuvres preparation
  • sausage making at a pig farm
  • a restaurant chef’s masterclass
  • Rennes market
  • a chef’s demonstration in Bagnoles de l’Orne

For more details see our archive


We try to meet on different days of the week so that those with other weekly commitments are not prevented from attending.



Likewise we spread the location of our meetings around the department as much as possible so that it is not always the same people who have to travel the furthest!



When we meet at member’s homes, the total cost of all ingredients is divided between those attending. If we go on a visit, the cost is just that charged by the organisation, payable on the day.


Contact for the cookery group:

Clare Guyer   02 43 00 63 74